Shipping information: providers, prices, conditions

INTISOAR supplies chemical products to any point in Europe. The shipment of goods is carried out daily by the reliable "Kreiss" transport company.

Your options for shipping

Shipping on your own
If the customer desires – it's possible to use any third-party trusted shipping service. Intisoar will assist you in all the steps from loading to final delivery
Order with your provider
Shipping via our partner
We deliberately chose the shipping service provider SIA “Kreiss” based in Uzbekistan. This company was able to prove its reliability for many years of successful shipping business.
Order with Kreiss

How is shipping being processed

Order, production, packaging
After you order the zeolite. We will produce it on time and pack it in a multilayer plastic shell. It is not damaged during delivery and is stable in a large temperature range
Choosing a delivery provider
Choose a transport company based on the volume of your order. You can choose our partner or your provider
Loading and shipping
Loading of packed zeolite on trucks takes place in the technically well-equipped warehouse. It is possible to load up to 50 trucks at the same time
Receiving the order
We will our best to let you receive the order within the agreed timeframe.

Estimated shipping time

INTISOAR supplies chemical products to any point in Europe. The time for delivery is determined by the delivery operator you choose and the final destination. On average, the delivery time to the EU is from 20 to 40 days

Request a tentative cost of shipping

In this form, you can calculate the estimated delivery price based on the volume of deliveries and the final address
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